Xico Brand Redesign

Brand update for a local multidisciplinary arts organization. They regularly have events, classes, and gallery showings dedicated to Chicano and Native American artist and artists. They wanted something that stayed true to their cultural roots while looking fresh and modern. The solution was a new take on their Aztec-inspired sun in deep, rich colors in combination with simple typography that would be easy to read on everything from building signage to business cards.

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Art Direction: Matt Adams

Services: Identity/Brand Design, Site Design, Event Collatoral

Xico Arte y Cultura logo redesign

Original logo on the left, redesign on the right.

Business System

Día de los Muertos Postcard Front

Día de los Muertos Postcard Back

Arte y Vino advertisement

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Annual Dinner Invite featuring art by Veronica Verdugo-Lomeli

Annual Dinner RSVP with sponsorship details