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In 2020 a lot of things had to change, including our team's graduation celebrations for students. Augmented reality filters for social were the perfect way to meet students where they were to make their day as special as possible, even during quarantines.


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Augmented reality

2020 Graduation filters

Our team works every year to create interesting and exciting activations for ASU commencement ceremonies. In a traditional year, this includes things like monument signs and street art for graduates to take memorable photos.

In 2019 I started researching AR filters and experimenting with design ideas that would be creative and on-brand, and once in-person graduations were canceled it was clear that this was the perfect time to deploy the new interactive filters.

All filters were created in Spark AR and Lens Studio, to have the widest reach possible for all graduates and their families. 

I designed 2 different sets: one with cartoonish confetti featuring fun shapes, pitchforks, and the year and New Years' style glasses-and-crown combination. I made the crown style filter for a solo human and, in Lens Studio I created a special pet variation so students alone in quarantine with their pets could still have something special and celebratory.



Overall, the team was able to create 6 different AR filters that were distributed on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. In total, they have received over 1.5M views and 21,766 shares across the different applications, and although virtual graduation would never be the same as an in-person celebration, it was good to be able to give something back to our grads who had worked so hard toward their achievements. 

Grad confetti

4.47 days of play time on Snapchat

As well as over 18,000 views and 5,988 plays. The statistics indicate that this filter may more popular on Snap Camera, used in conjunction with video chat apps like Zoom, than as a standalone Snapchat filter.

Pet grad crown

463k views and 437k plays on Snapchat

Along with 4,413 shares and 47 minutes of play time. We released 6 graduation-themed filters in total and the pet filter was the third most popular overall.

Award Winning

🥇 Gold American Advertising Award

In addition to being successful with our graduating students, the filter set also won a gold ADDY for "Elements of Advertising: Augmented Reality."

Special thanks

Special thanks to models Alex Estrella, Lucille thee Pug, and @blue-bird from Pexels.


Monica Ballesteros, Senior Manager, Social Media
Hanna Norris, Senior Art Director

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