Branded social holiday and heritage resources


ASU publicly recognizes a number of holidays, heritage months, and ASU spirit events on our branded social media platforms. At the Enterprise Hub, it was my job to create and oversee the creation of various graphics and posts for campus-wide communications.


Research and discovery

Art direction

Motion design

Graphic and brand design


social posts

ASU is a large, distributed university where each unity is generally responsible for its own fundraising and web/social media presence. However, this means that some units don’t have the time or the resources to devote to design and creative output — so the Hub works every year to make “generic” social images that any unit can download and promote on their own channel if they wish.

We have a content calendar with specific university dates (start of classes, finals week) and other holidays called out, and throughout the year I and other designers (and our amazing student workers) come up with new concepts for still images or motion graphics to post to various social platforms.

giphy channel

In addition to our work supporting university communications, we also provide assets to help current, former, and potential students express their Sun Devil pride. In my time at the Hub, I worked closely with our social media manager to get our Giphy channel up and running, and then later to get it officially verified so that anyone on any platform has access to a range of expressive (and brand-aligned) stickers and gifs.

We focused our first big push for Giphy content in July 2018, and since then our viewership has grown from 81 uploads and 20K views to 602 uploads and over 213M views overall.


It has been incredibly rewarding to see the channel grow and to see how other units also embrace the platform and submit their own custom graphics and stickers so that people around the university can present a cohesive message to the public.

It has been even better to see students and alumni engage with it as well to express their own pride in our school (we see a particular bump in views every football game).

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